My Very first post

It’s already midnight in where I live, but I’m still excited.

The building site is such an easy thing with all the themes in the wordpress. I’ve recorded the (very abridged) instructions as followed:

0. (Optional) Try out WordPress on local hosting.

0.1 I tried it on MAMP. And found it very easy to build a site using WordPress. So go to the next step of doing the real thing– the web.

1. Register a domain name. Go to

2. Get a web hosting service. Bluehost, godaddy, or whatever you find good in the Taobao.

2.1 Create a user in cPanel.

2.2 Create a database and a user(to be later used in wordpress)

3. Install the wordpress on the hosting. Use the database in 2.2. And remember the username/password for wordpress management.

4. Install the wordpress theme.

5. Install plugins

6. Blog.